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We are open 10 – 4, Saturday & Sunday during May and June.

If you would like to visit us outside these times, please call 01373 834945 to arrange an appointment.

Pond Perfect, The Old Piggeries, Cherry Garden Lane, Laverton, Bath, BA2 7RD.



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We are a family run aquatic plant nursery who specialise in innovative design solutions for aquatic installations. We have over 25 years experience in water gardens.

We specialise in:

  • Aquatic plants
    • we grow and sell our own aquatic plants, both bare-rooted and in aquatic baskets planted in our own blend of aquatic compost.
    • We sell to the public at our nursery in Laverton (near Bath); through our eBay site and privately to our regular customers.
    • We also sell our plants wholesale to garden centres, landscape gardeners and other outlets.
  • Ecology
    • Have you ever gazed into the depths of a pond or freshwater pool and wondered what on earth all those strange alien creatures are and just what they are up to? We certainly have, and we continue to do so pretty much every day!
    • Freshwater aquatic ecology is one of the most interesting and involving environmental sciences. And the great thing about it is everyone has the ability to not only view it, but also to interact with it, study it, and to watch ecology happen.
    • The fantastic thing about freshwater eco-systems is how visibly different they are from anything else. It is this difference that enables us to utilize them for the purposes of education, and conservation.
    • The plants and animals that inhabit these systems are often shockingly alien, both in their looks and their habits!
    • If you have an interest in ecology, or perhaps you have children who are interested, then we wholeheartedly encourage you to explore these strange new worlds, get wet and mucky and see what you can find!
    • Don’t forget! We are always available to answer questions or queries. We really do want to know what you find!
    • We are also keen to involve young people in ecology and are always keen to promote ways of encouraging people to get involved in their environments. As a part of this, we can provide talks and interactive events with school groups and interested parties. Contact us to find out more.
  • Design, Consultation & Construction
    • Our design, consultation and construction service is utilized by garden designers, architects and private clients across the country.
    • We have a full range of services available from the simplest planting plans, to the design, specification and construction of the most complicated water feature.
    • Working with water is never simple or straightforward. It is by its very nature, a dynamic medium and the practicalities of its containment or manipulation often require careful consideration.
    • We offer solutions, which work.
    • Our team have been designing and constructing water gardens and water features for twenty years and we have the experience required to ensure success.
    • Whatever your requirements, we can customize our services to suit.
    • Some of our recent projects have included:
      • Biological Filtration of Lakes and Large Bodies of Water
      • Swimming Pond Design & Installation
      • Chlorine-free Endless Swimming Pools
  • Festival & Event Installation
    • We are regularly commissioned to design and install natural and imaginative installations at festivals and events across the country.
    • Our work has been featured at Glastonbury Festival and Beautiful Days Festival.
  • Water features & sculptures
    • We design and build our own water features which are available through our etsy site.


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