Cunning Plans & Clever Tricks

We have been hard at work constructing our laminar jet system for our installation at Glastonbury. IMG_2282

We use high pressure pumps and coloured lights to create jets of coloured water. The water is pushed out through a small hole at the end of a covered pipe. The greater the pressure being forced on the water, the farther the jet will travel before it breaks up. By managing the level of pressure acting on the jet of water, we can create a continuous stream of water that can travel as far as we want it to.IMG_2288

We use coloured LED lights under the jets to produce the colour within the jets of water. The light is reflected and refracted on the tightly packed water particles which pull the light along with it until it reaches its destination. The light dissipates as the jet stream breaks up and the water scatters.IMG_2289

These were a huge hit at a similar installation we did at a festival a few years ago, especially with the kids who loved leaping through the coloured jets and returning to their parents wet and happy. A few weary festival-goers even brought shampoo and shower gel along and bathed in the jet stream to avoid the washing facility queues.IMG_2291

Hopefully this year, the jets will be even better as we have been hard at work improving and perfecting our jets.IMG_2292

Visit our Facebook page to see the jets in action.

And check back to see updates on our progress and reactions at the festival.IMG_2293

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